How’s your antenna

Hi how are you all? I can’t believe it is February. Where did January go? In my country school is back after a long summer and so is most of the workforce. It is starting to feel more normal. How has January been for you?

This week I want to look at the definition of receiving in terms of receiving a signal. To receive a signal we need to be in the right place and looking for it or be in a place where it catches our eye.

If somebody is sending an SOS signal, to see it we must be in the vicinity and know what we are seeing. We receive the signal and then they receive the help.

One of the best ways we position ourselves to receive is in a posture of prayer. When we set ourselves to pray, we stop and turn our antenna towards God. That way we not only speak but can hear from God.

There is a story in the Bible in Luke 5: 17 to 26 where Jesus was sending out a signal but nobody was receiving it. In verse 17, it states that the power of the Lord was present to heal them.

Heal who- everyone who was listening to Jesus. The room was so crowded that no one else could enter. The signal was not getting through until….

There were certain men outside who had brought their friend to Jesus to be healed because he was paralysed. As there was no room, they pulled part of the roof off and let him down. As a consequence the signal was received and the man was healed. How is yours and my signal?

But you might say, sometimes God doesn’t answer me even though I am listening. Well, we could have a dirty antenna or it could have gone off course.

How does that happen?

1. Sin in our lives will make our antenna dirty. How do we rectify it? Pray and ask God for forgiveness and make sure we forgive others.

2. Distractions can cause our antenna to go off track. If we have not fixed our mind on God but are letting distractions toss out thoughts around, that can have an impact.

3. Our heart can cause our signal to be dull and not working. When we praise God with our lips but our heart is far from Him. Have you let your heart go hard because of what you see around you. If so, ask God to soften your heart. The easiest, but hardest way to do that is keep offence far away by loving God and loving others.

4. If you are a husband, treat your wife well or your signal will be blurry. Keep a short account and continue to love your wife wholeheartedly.

This week check your signal and your antenna to make sure you are receiving from God. Remember the answer “wait” is still an answer.

Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you.


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