Don’t block the light

Hi how are you all? I am well. Last weekend our power went out for about five hours. It was the hottest night of the year and we were sweltering. So being at night that the power went out, we had to use candles. I was walking around the house praying (and sweating) when I realised that in one of the rooms it had gotten darker. My husband was standing in front of the candle and as such was causing the light to not radiate as far. I said to him ‘don’t block the light’.

As soon as I said it, it struck me- on that Christmas night a long time ago- how many people blocked the light that night. You see a Christmas star was shining on that far off night and it signalled the place where Jesus lay. But the people in Bethlehem and the surrounding region were too busy.

You see they were focused on the Kings command – go to your hometown- there is a census and you all need to be counted. So everyone was getting ready to be counted and didn’t want to miss the knock on the door or going to the place of counting. Maybe others had stood in line all day with their children and they were tired or they had travelled all day. But no one noticed the unusual light in the sky. It wasn’t raining, the shepherds were outside. So the night was clear.

So who did notice this light in the sky? The shepherds were busy watching their sheep when an angel appeared, along with a heavenly host. But before that, they didn’t see anything unusual either.

The only ones who noticed were the wise men from the East. In Matthew 2:2, they followed the light – that Star that was over the place where Jesus was. Why did they see it? Maybe they were astronomers and saw this strange star in the sky. It aroused their curiosity so much they followed it all the way.

The Jews had been waiting many years for the Messiah and missed the sign of His birth. My question to all of us is are we too busy to notice Jesus- the light of the world. When was the last time we looked up in praise and adoration? Or is our busyness blocking the light.

This week let’s be intentional about looking for and recognising Jesus in our everyday life. Because we don’t want to miss Him.

Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless yiu


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