Reflection of 2020

2020 was the year of restoration. But it was also an unprecedented year of COVID-19 and lockdowns. As we reflect on this year, what has God taught you. Have you allowed Him to restore you – to tear down the old and build the new. Read on to find the areas He showed me. … More Reflection of 2020

Unmet expectations

The promise of Jesus had been spoken about for years in the Jewish culture. The verses were there for all to hear every Sabbath. So why when a virgin fell pregnant did no one remember the promise? Where was the expectation? And does the same thing happen in our lives. Read on to find our more. … More Unmet expectations

Don’t judge

How is your love walk? Are you walking in love or judging others? Most of us think if we are judging it means to look down on someone but judging is so much more dangerous. Read on to find out why and then to discover the antidote. … More Don’t judge