Future minded

Hi how are you all today? I am good and cannot believe it is nearly Christmas. Along with the Christmas posts on Face Book, there have been a few posts wishing this year would end. We are all hoping for a more normal 2021 but what is normal. It seems as if it is way in the past. I know I will never take people or experiences for granted ever again.

Speaking about future, I was listening to one of the stories about King David a few days ago. It was a story close to the end of his life and was regarding building the temple. God told David that he couldn’t build the temple as he had been a man of war but that his son would build it.

Right about this time, most of us would have been upset and offended that the dream in our heart was not going to be fulfilled by us. But God doesn’t give us dreams to be fulfilled by us but births dreams in us to bless future generations.

If all we do in this life ends with us, we are not being future minded but self centred. God wants our dreams to extend past us. David understood this. So he didn’t get offended or upset but thought about the inexperience of his son. Even though David was old, he set out to prepare the materials to build the temple. His part was preparation.

There are many others in the Bible that had the preparation calling. This calling is not better or worse- it is Gods plan for individuals.

John the Baptist’s calling was to prepare the way for Jesus. Noah’s calling was to prepare an ark to preserve future generations. Joseph’s calling was to be second in charge in Egypt to save his people from drought and famine.

Jesus calling was to die in the cross for us so that future generations would be added to Gods family. Paul’s calling was to write most of the New Testament which still impacts us today.

What has God called you to do? Are you a mum who is training up the next generation in Gods ways? Are you a blog or book writer whose writings will impact future generations and bring many to Jesus? Do you finance the Kingdom of God so that children will find Jesus in Sunday School or trafficked children will have a chance at a better life?

If we look at our calling through future eyes, we won’t be tempted to look at numbers, because in the future those numbers will grow and we don’t be around to see it.

This week turn your eyes, heart and mind onto the future and become future minded in all you do for God.

Bless you and have an amazing week.



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