No roof

Hi how are you all? I am great. Do you find this time of the year busy? I thought my days were slowing down a bit as my kids have left home. But no- those hours that were filled with kid activities find themselves filled with other things. Do you feel the same?

We have been speaking throughout this year on the 2020 theme- this is the year of restoration. We have torn down those old walls, have put up new fruit of the Spirit ones and have furnished our rooms. But now comes the roof.

As I was praying about this, I felt that our house shouldn’t have a roof. The reasons are:

1. In Mark 2:4, we read the story of the men who wanted to bring their sick friend to Jesus. But there was a problem- they couldn’t get in to where Jesus was. So guess what they did? They removed the roof above Jesus and let their friend down. He was healed.

In this story, the roof was a hindrance to a miracle from God. Once the hindrance was removed, the miracle took place. Do you need a miracle from God, remove the roof and let Him in.

2. An open roof means to me that my prayers are not hindered and I sit under an open heaven. The best vision of this in the Bible is in Genesis 28: 10 to 12. Jacob has just fled from his homeland and is on his way to a far off family when he lies down at night to sleep. He dreamed of a stairway that went up to heaven and came town to earth.

To me, an open roof means that this stairway is operational. I pray to God, He hears me and then the answer comes down. But if my roof was closed, then my prayers wouldn’t get to heaven and the answers couldn’t come.

How do we keep our roof open? Easy – constant communion with God. Distractions can come in and close our roofs and rob us of time with God. I know because it happens to me a lot.

I need to purpose in my heart that I am not going to let distractions and therefore lack of communication rob me of my time with God.

How about you? Is this something you would like to do too- keep an open roof. Let’s purpose in our hearts to do it. That way we can pray without ceasing like the Bible says.

Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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