It’s okay to cry

Hi how are you today? I haven’t posted for a week or two so will post this one today and one tomorrow. I have been busy, like most of us working our way through the new normal, at the moment. I am praying this new normal comes to an end soon and we go back to the old normal just with an awakening of God taking place around us and in us.

I was talking to someone a while ago whose family member is going through something major. They made a statement that they haven’t got upset by the situation they are facing. I was astonished by their comment and later on God whispered to my heart – it’s okay to cry. I was then reminded of the story in John 11.

Jesus was told that Lazarus was sick. He then waited two days before going to him. God obviously told Jesus to wait but think about it, it must have been hard to be obedient to that direction from God. Lazarus was one of Jesus’ friends. By the time Jesus arrived in the town where Lazarus lived, he had already died and had in fact been dead for four days. Martha went out to meet Jesus and said if You had been here Jesus my brother would not have died. Martha obviously believed in the healing power of God but she didn’t believe that Jesus could raise her brother from the dead.

Mary then came to Jesus as well and said the same thing as Martha. Jesus then looked around and saw everyone crying and His natural reaction took over and He cried to. Did Jesus’ crying negate His faith or His direction from God? No it didn’t and it shouldn’t with us either.

Jesus is saying to you today that if circumstances get too hard or if someone you love dies or gets sick, it’s okay to cry. It’s just not okay to stay in a place of grief. Faith needs to take over.

Jesus still had the deep feeling and emotion when He arrived at the tomb, His next words were ones of faith – take away the stone. Even in grief, Jesus maintained His faith and His belief in the assignment that God had given Him. Remember Jesus only spoke the words God gave Him and did the things God showed Him.

Then Jesus prayed and thanked God. He then spoke to the situation- Lazarus come forth and he did.

There are steps in this story we need to follow when we have circumstances come around our lives that are painful.

  1. Cry if you need to
  2. Stay in faith and speak Gods words
  3. Thank God
  4. Speak your answer and watch it come to pass

So today, if you are going through something, remember it is okay to cry but not okay to stay there. Get back in faith and trust God. He will see you through.

Have an amazing week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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