Familiarity does not bring miracles

Hi how are you today? I am well. The westerly winds arrived today right on time so it is cold here. How’s your weather?

I love the different seasons as it reminds me that seed, time and harvest is still in effect. This is not just in the natural but in the spiritual too.

The other day I was putting on my glasses and staring into the mirror. I was thinking – wow if I didn’t wear my glasses I would look different and no one would recognise me. It is a good thing I wear glasses.

All of a sudden I felt God speaking in my spirit. Familiarity does not bring a miracle. Wow! Do I believe God for a healing of my eyes or do I settle for ordinary or familiarity. How often have I bypassed a miracle because I was comfortable with the situation I was in.

The disciples were a bit like this after Jesus was crucified. Instead of continuing on the work they had been doing for three years, they returned to the familiar- fishing. David did the same thing. When King Saul went off to war, instead of David staying in the palace playing his harp or going to the battlefield, he went back to looking after the sheep.

In this season, it is time to step out of the ordinary and familiar and step into the miraculous. It is time to step out in faith and believe God to receive everything Jesus died to give us. What’s holding you and I back?

Only fear so let’s transfer that over to expectation and get going. We are in this together, so let’s go. I believe in you and so does Jesus.

Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you.



2 thoughts on “Familiarity does not bring miracles

  1. You are absolutely right. It is only when we step out in faith, when we leave the familiar and follow Jesus down unknown paths will we see miracles. His presence is not with those who are comfortable and safe on the shore but He is close to those that give up everything and follow Him into the dangerous wilds where faith, maturity and intimacy with Him grows.

    The life He intends for us is one where everything we are is welded to Him in complete and utter dependence. May we continually grow into such faith.


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