What’s you new normal

Hi how are you all? I am well and relaxed at the moment as I am on holidays at the coast. Even though it is winter where I live, we don’t get snow, so it’s really lovely. No swimming though as it is too cold. I was pondering the other day on what my normal will look like after COVID. Will it go back to being the same or will it be different? In my lifetime, the world has not seen such a major change. So what will it be like, and how can I navigate it?

Like the answers to all my questions, I turn to the only source of truth, the Bible. There are numerous scenarios in the Bible where the people had to navigate a new normal. Let’s look at some of them:

1. Noah and his family

After the world was flooded and they came off the ark- there was a new normal for them and all the animals. There was no more people on earth other than them- imagine having the whole world to yourself. Rain was a normal occurrence- before the flood it had never rained – the earth was watered from underneath. They needed to build a new life and a new home. But what is the first thing Noah did?

In Genesis 8:20, Noah built an altar to God. This is significant as Noah did not just get off the boat and walk away and start a new life. He acknowledged God first and all that He had done for him. As a result, God stated that He would never flood the earth again and to this day, it still hasn’t happened. Then He spoke a new covenant. As long as the earth remained there would be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter and day and night. This was Noah’s new normal. But like Noah, when we come out, we better acknowledge God first. He is the One that has sustained us all through this and has kept us trusting and believing in Him through these times of uncertainly.

2. Joseph when he came out of prison was given a new role and place of honour. All he wanted to do was probably go back to his family but God positioned him in a role and a place of honour to save the nations from famine. Where is God placing you on the other side of COVID? What amazing plans has He got for your life? Just be ready to say yes and step out.

3. The disciples of Jesus had to face a new normal. Before Jesus came, they worshipped God under the Old Testament laws. This involved rituals, sacrifices, not eating certain foods and only having your unintentional sins forgiven once a year. The people probably lived with guilt and shame and were never free. The Bible tells us that no-one could keep the Old Testament laws fully, except for Jesus. After Jesus came, died on the cross and rose again, a new normal came into being. It was no longer rules and rituals but relationship driven. It was no longer sacrifice for your sins but asking Jesus to forgive you. Some of the Jew didn’t like this new normal and persecuted the Christians.

What was the result of this new normal – where we still live today. The Bible says the Christians turned the world upside down. That is what God requires of us coming out of this time. It is time to turn the world upside down. It is time to usher in the glory of the Lord for the great end harvest of souls and the biggest revival to turn the world around that people have ever seen.

While we have all been closeted away, God has used many avenues to get the gospel out. Online church services that have reached millions, radio programs that have reached the same and a desire in people that there must be something better.

Are you ready? I am ready to see the magnificence and glory and move of God. My workplace may be different, the stores may be different but the church is going to be glorious and I can’t wait.

Can you feel your expectation rising. Don’t lose hope, the best days are ahead.

Have an amazing week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you heaps


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