You have a covenant

Hi how are you all today? I am fine and the weather is cold in my country. How’s the weather in your country? Today I want to talk about our covenant. Our covenant with who? With God.

So what does covenant actually mean? It means an agreement between two persons that is formal and sets out specifically what you can do or can’t do. A covenant is also generally sealed as both persons come to agreement.

In some tribes, it is sealed by cutting the two people’s skin and smearing the blood together. This means they are not only in agreement but are intertwined. When one celebrates, all celebrate and when one goes to war, all go to war.

God made a number of covenants in the Bible. They are:

  • Adam and Eve – He killed an animal to cover their nakedness and shame
  • Noah – sacrificed animals on the altar then God made a promise
  • Abraham- God told him to prepare a sacrifice then God walked through it and covenant was made
  • Moses- God made a covenant when Passover happened
  • Jesus- He was sacrificed to restore our covenant with God

So what does it mean for us? If we accept Jesus as our Saviour, God extends that covenant to each of us individually. A covenant is made between two – so it is individual to each of us.

It means that everything God has promised us in the Bible is ours and we can accept it. If it says He will provide for us, He will. If it says He is our healer, He will. If it says we are forgiven, we are. It is says we are loved, we are. There are many more promises that are ours.

But being in covenant means both parties have to agree. God always agrees with His Word. So the question is do we agree with His Word. Oftentimes that is the reason we don’t see our healing, our provision etc. We continue to look at the circumstances instead of focussing solely on the Word of God. I fail at this often. But thank God He never gives up on me. I just keep getting up and standing on His Word again. That’s what you need to do too.

What are you believing God for? Remember that you are in covenant and remind yourself and God often.

Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you.


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