Looking through a telescope

Hi how are you all today? My week has been good- how has yours been? A few more restrictions are easing. I can’t wait to have a holiday again which we are doing next month- but only one hour up the road. At least there is a beach but no swimming as it is winter here.

Have you ever looked up at the sky at night? The stars appear small and the moon is like a round circle in the sky. Even the planes flying over look small. But what happens when I use a telescope. The stars and moon are much bigger. If the size of my telescope increased, so does the size of the stars and moon. In some large telescopes, you can even see the surface of the moon.

Our faith that God gives us is like that telescope. The bigger our faith is, the more we will see. What do we need to see? We need to see the possibilities in God. We need to see that God has a great plan for our future. We need to see ourselves having enough finances to look after our families and give to others for their needs. We need to see our families in church loving and serving God. We need to see ourselves healed and not sick. We need to see ourselves joyful and not sad. We need to see ourselves with friends and not lonely.

If we look at our current circumstances through the telescope of our eyes, most of the time we can’t see any of the above. All we can see is what is around us – our circumstances.

How do we start seeing through the telescope of faith? It is only by hearing and hearing the Word of God. The Word of God tells us the possibilities and gives us hope to believe. If we don’t read the Bible we don’t know the amazing promises of God for us individually.

Once we know the promises of God, we can then see more clearly that they belong to us. Our telescope (faith) gets bigger and bigger until those promises become our reality and circumstance. Sometimes this takes a while and other times God blesses us with a miracle.

But no matter what, all those promises for us in Gods Word are for us and will come to pass in our lives once we see them clearly. So get ready for your vision to be expanded and for your telescope to get bigger. God has abundant life still left for us to live. It is so exciting and wonderful.

Keep reading the Bible and seeing those possibilities. You won’t be disappointed.

Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you.


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