Who are you relying on

Hi how are you all today? Hope you are all well. My country has now lifted some restrictions so yesterday I went to see my step daughter and her family. It was a fun day. How about where you live? Have you been able to do any fun things?

I have been a little concerned about some posts that I read from people on different websites this week. It had me thinking about who or what are we actually relying on through this unprecedented time. If you asked the question of some Christians when all is going well, their answer would of course be God. But when things happen and “normal” is removed, it seems that some people’s trust has diverted from God to other people or things. I felt God saying to me – who are you/ they relying on. This is a very good question to ask ourselves.

Let’s see what happened with King Saul when he put his trust in someone other than God. In 1 Samuel 15, Samuel told King Saul, through a word from God, to go and attack the Amalekites and destroy all of them because they opposed Israel when they came out of Egypt. So King Saul went off to do the Lord’s bidding.

I just want to stop a minute and think about who a king is and how the people would have treated him. Generally, a king was to be feared and whatever he told you to do, you would just do it, or you would get into big trouble. His authority came from his position of power. They had advisors who would tell them what they thought he should do, but ultimately the king had the power to do what he wished. But as an Israelite King, the main thing is for them to follow God and His leading.

Back to the story – King Saul went and attacked the Amalekites but did he do what God said? No!!!! They spared the life of the king and the best of the herds of animals. Why? Verse 9 tells us that these things appealed to them. They were doing it out of their own desires and not being obedient to God.

What was the result of these choices? God was displeased with King Saul to such an extent that He wished He had never made him king. Wow! I hope I never displease God that much that He regrets the plans He has for me. Then Samuel told Saul that because he had disobeyed God, God then rejected Him as king.

In these times we are living in, God still expects our obedience to His Word. So what does God say:

1. When we lose our jobs, God says I am your provider and will provide for you in a time of famine. It is time to rely on God for your provision.

2. When the government does things we don’t agree with, God says to pray for them because He was the One Who,put them there. They are Gods servants sent for our good (Romans 13:4)

Too many of us are relying on the government instead of God to meet our needs or we are pulling down the government because they have put in restrictions we don’t like.

God wants to remind you today that He and He alone is our source. The provision may come through others but God wants us pressing into Him and standing in faith to see His Word come to pass in our lives.

So today, ask yourself this question, who are you relying on? I hope your answer is plain and simple God because He alone is our Daddy God, our provider.

Bless you heaps and keep living he life God intended for you.



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