A letter for you

Hi how are you? I am doing well. The weather in my country is getting colder. We don’t get snow where I live but it can get quite cool. How are you all going with the lockdowns in your country? I pray they can lift the restrictions soon so we all can live our new normal life. I was thinking this morning about what God would say to us in this circumstance.

Paul wrote letters to the churches which comprise over half the books in the New Testament. So what would God write to us? I am going to pray and then keep typing.

Here is your letter:

” My sons and daughters, I can see you. I have never left you and My love for you is still strong. I know some of you are anxious and afraid, but you don’t need to be as I have given you a spirit of love, power and a sound mind. It is time to rely on Me and not in those things which you can see.

Come back to me you have have strayed. Come back to me and sit once again at My table. My burdens are light and you can easily carry them for I am with you. My table is spread with all you need: peace, love, goodness and water to drink from which you will never thirst. My table will be an oasis to you in the dry and weary place you find yourself in.

In just a little while, this will pass. But until then, seek me, seek my plans for this next season, seek my will for you and be in My Word. All that you need is contained in that Word.

Seek me by talking to me. Let me know all you are thinking and feeling. Come to me and let me release you from those chains that are continuing to bind you. Come to me and let me wash you clean and anoint you with the oil of My presence and My Spirit.

My child, though this time seems long – it is indeed short. Prepare yourself for what I am about to do. Stand sill, stand strong and stand with Me. Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what I am about to release. Get ready! Get ready!”

It is time for us to not shy away but to stand boldly and get ready to see a move of God.

I can’t wait – can you?

Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you.


2 thoughts on “A letter for you

  1. Thanks to God that I have received the letter of paul. I am very happy to read this and I hope in future you will share your more post with me may God bless you brother if you don’t mind I would like to ask something. If I’m not understanding some verse of Bible so can you help me to solve it if you is possible so please teach me when I ask something from Bible so I hope you will continue with me.
    Thank you dear brother
    Regards: Alvin Samuel
    From : India ( New Delhi )

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