Time to rest

Hi how are you all? Hope you are all doing okay in this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. I am still working, now from home and have online church and groups to attend. I miss my family though as I can’t visit them but I can still pray.

I was reading Leviticus in my Bible reading plan. In chapter 25, God outlines His plan for rest. What do you mean, rest? God has always ordained from the beginning that rest is a part of the world. God created for six days and on the seventh He rested (Genesis 2:2). That word rested means shabbat which means to stop or cease. The word is where we get sabbath from.

When God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses, one of them was that six days you shall work and day seven is for a sabbath – a day of ceasing and stopping (Exodus 20:9). In Leviticus 25, we see that God ordained every seventh year to be a sabbath – a time of stopping and ceasing work. This means the 49th year would also be a sabbath year. Then the fiftieth year is a year of jubilee – of freedom and liberation.

As Christians, some of us have neglected the day of sabbath in our lives. I believe that God has put us in this time to sabbath – to stop and cease and to have a rest. Why? Because there is a jubilee coming – a move of God that will grant people freedom and liberation. Freedom from their sins, freedom from their past, freedom from their mindsets and freedom from worldly pleasures and needs.

In this time of sabbath, many of us have had our pleasures removed. We can’t go to the cinema, go to the beach, visit our friends, play or watch sport or even go shopping. But this is not a time to bemoan those things. It is a time to seek God and rest – revival is on its way. Then we will be busy – not in worldly pursuits but in heavenly assignments.

I know this time is hard for lots of us but God said that He will work out everything for good, even this time. So let’s count our blessings:

  • We can still go to church online
  • We can still buy food
  • We can still see our families if they have online devices
  • We can still read the Bible and pray
  • We can still write an encouraging message to someone
  • We can spend time with the family that lives in our house and grow closer
  • Some of us can still work thanks to technology
  • We can be home where we feel safe
  • God has given us much to be thankful for. So rest and use this time wisely. Start considering how rest might factor into your life once lockdown is over. This is a command of God.
  • Keep believing in God and trusting Him and keep living the life God intended for you.
  • Bless you heaps
  • Karen

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