A coat of destiny

Hi how are you all going with the virus measures that have been introduced in your country? I am working from home full time now and I don’t have to travel which is great. Over the last couple of blogs, I have felt to write about what God was telling me as we went into some form of lockdown. But this week, I want to finish off the coats of Joseph.

On the weekend I watched the broadway play from home called “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat”. It was really interesting to see the three coats used in the play. The first coat was a coat of many colours and represented pride. The second coat was just plain and represented temptations. The third coat we are looking at today is the coat of destiny.

The story is found in Genesis 41 starting at verse 14. Jospeh had been thrown in prison and while he was there, he interpreted two dreams accurately. The butler was restored and the baker was hanged. Another two years went past, and when God’s timing was right, Joseph was called by Pharaoh.

Pharaoh had also had two dreams but no one could interpret them until the butler remembered the interpreter of his dream. Joseph did interpret Pharaoh’s dreams and then told him he needed to find a man who could carry that out. What was Pharaoh’s response? He made Joseph that man and in verse 43 clothed him in fine linen clothing.

Joseph had reached the start of his destiny and for the next seven years he ensured Egypt stored the surplus for the seven years of drought. He then took the Egyptians through those years of drought with wisdom and then continued to rule as second in charge over Egypt.

God wants to clothe us with our coat of destiny and in fact, already has. Jeremiah 29:11 states that. But it is up to us to allow our pride to be squashed, to flee from temptations and allow our character to be built by God before we can walk into the fullness of our destiny here on earth. God has given each of us special talents and abilities, not to show how good we are, but to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Our motto each day should be love God and love others. Out of that, will flow our destiny as we spend time with God and serve others.

Throughout this time of lockdown, let’s seek God to find out what it is that is holding us back from our destiny. Maybe, you are already walking in your destiny. What creative ideas can God give you in this time for you to make even more of a difference,

I pray that we will all use this time wisely and seek God as to how we can live the life God intended even better.

Bless you all


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