Building the walls

Hi how are you all? Well it has finally decided to rain in Australia and I for one am glad. Rain is so refreshing. It makes everything feel so new. I am going to do a mini series on what God gave me for 2020- the year of restoration. When restoration usually happens, it starts with the foundations. But I believe that God wants us to deal with the walls first. Sounds unusual but Gods ways are not our ways.

So, let’s begin. First we may need to tear down some walls around our lives. Have you built up walls of insecurity around your life, maybe walls of I’m not letting anyone close or maybe walls of pride and arrogance to keep people out. This year it is time to deal with the wrong walls we have built. Walls that keep others out – but just maybe they keep God out of certain aspects of our lives too.

Walls were built around cities many years ago for a number of different reasons. The first reason was protection. The people in the cities needed to be protected from raiders and enemies. Have you built walls up around your life to protect yourself? Maybe you were abused or badly hurt and the wall is to keep people out. God is wanting for you to start trusting Him and removing that wall this year. God promised never to leave us and that no weapon formed against us will prosper. We can trust that He will be there for us in all circumstances. So time to take down that wall bit by bit daily as we walk with Him.

Walls were also put up so people knew the boundaries of the city. We can put boundaries around our lives too. Some are good boundaries like always telling the truth and watching what we say and watch. But some boundaries stop us from walking in Gods perfect will for our lives. Those boundaries include – I’m not going to speak in front of anyone, I only sing in the shower, I don’t like talking to people or I’m not good enough to do that. It’s time for these boundaries to come down too. God has a great plan for your life and it is time to step out into it. You can do it.

Before we finish, let’s look at one wrong wall in the Bible. What is the first wall you think about? I think about the walls of Jericho in Joshua 6. The first verse says that the gates of Jericho were tightly shut because they were afraid of the Israelites. Are you letting fear keep you tightly shut up? Is it crippling you?

What happened to the walls of Jericho? They fell. How? For the first six days the Israelites were instructed not to say anything. Fear has a voice but it doesn’t mean we answer. Fear intimidates but it doesn’t mean we stop walking. On the seventh day they were instructed to shout.

It is time for us to shout at the wall of fear, wrong boundaries and wrong protections that are around our lives and tell them that God is in charge. It is time to confront and not to hide. It is a time to be brave and courageous like the warriors in Israel.

Spend some time in prayer this week and ask God to reveal to you your wrong wall. Then ask God what to do, be obedient and see freedom come to your life this year.

Bless you heaps, have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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