Mary – a humble heart

Hi how was your week? Mine was good and activities are now slowing down for Christmas. Have you brought your presents yet? I have – now I am just expectant to see the faces of the receivers on Christmas Day. This week we are continuing our theme of looking at the Christmas characters. The next one is Mary. So first, what do we know about Mary?

Well we know she was probably only a teenage girl. She was engaged to Joseph and was probably looking forward to her wedding. She was a virgin and lived in Nazareth. Her cousin was Elizabeth who was six months pregnant with her first baby in her old age – the baby was John the Baptist. But we can learn a lot about Mary from her encounter with the angel.

In Luke 1:28, an angel came in to her. We don’t know where it was but possibly in the house she was living in. Verse 29 tells us that Mary was troubled at his saying and was considering the greeting he gave her. Now I am sure that if an angel appeared to me, I would also have some fear but I am also sure that I probably would be awestruck at the sight. The words the angel spoke would probably have been forgotten in my fear. But Mary was different.

In verse 30, the angel was so gentle with her – he said don’t fear Mary for you have found favour with God. This shows Mary’s character. The angel didn’t speak harsh words but gentle ones as Mary was so gentle herself. She must have been a woman who loved God and was obedient to His Word. She was probably found in the temple every Sabbath learning about the things of God and His promises. Her heart was towards God and not in rebellion.

When the angel told her what would happen to her, Mary didn’t get agitated but calmly thought it through – although I am sure her heart was racing. The first thing she spoke to the angel was not no way, I am not married yet, but how is this going to happen, I can’t violate the laws of God because I am not married. Although, the angel answered her, I am sure she was still confused. I would be. As the angel answered her he gave her additional information about her cousin Elizabeth. That must have sealed the deal. Mary knew what a miracle that was.

Then Mary spoke words of faith – let it be to me according to your word. Mary knew enough about the promises of God to just obey them. She had heard the stories in the Bible and believed them. She had probably often been told of the Saviour that was coming.

Who was this young woman of God? A humble, faith filled woman who would carry the Son of God. A woman who did not let fear take over but stood on the promise of God that what God promises, He would bring to pass.

Mary had great responsibility as she not only birthed Jesus but had to raise Him in the things of God. She was the perfect mother for Jesus.

But you and I have that same responsibility. When we were born again, the Holy Spirit came to live within us. This means we also carry the Word of God wherever we go. Are our outward actions showing God dwelling within us?

You and I carry that same favour of God but we must have faith and obedience, like Mary. So this week, ponder those words and also say like Mary – let it be to me according to your word Lord.

Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you heaps



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