Hi how has your week been? Mine has been good and it definitely feels like summer. I saw a photo on Facebook sometime last week and when you looked at it, it looked like the beach, the ocean and the sky. But when you really looked at it and realised what it was, it was the ground, a smashed bottom of a car and the car itself. Perspective is a funny thing. It doesn’t always involve facts but most often is driven by past experiences.

One of the meanings of perspective in the dictionary is a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view. It is really subjective in that there is no right answer, it depends on attitude.

Let’s look at a story in the Bible to see how this works. King Solomon was a wealthy king of Israel. He sought God for wisdom and received that and much more. His fame went out through the nations and in 2 Chronicle 9, the Queen of Sheba comes to visit. She is amazed and astonished at what she sees and hears. In verses 5 to 8, she verbalises what she sees. Verse 7 is what I want to highlight. She says:

“How happy your people must be! What a privilege for your officials to stand here day after day, listening to your wisdom”. The Queen of Sheba’s perspective of the kingdom of Solomon was one of joy, privilege and blessing. She was the Queen in her country but I think was a little jealous of the people as they could stand and listen to Solomon’s wisdom continually.

However, what was the people’s perspective of serving Solomon. We find that out after he dies. The people wanted their new king to lighten their load. Let’s look at 2 Chronicles 10 verse 4. The people told Rehoboth that ” your father was a hard master. Lighten the harsh labour demands and heavy taxes that your father imposed on us”.

Hang on is this the same king that we just read about where the Queen of Sheba sang his praises. Yes it was! The people didn’t know how blessed they were. They had the wisest leader that ever lived but were focussed on work not blessing. Their perspective was tied up in their attitude which was not found in the blessing of God.

What is your perspective like? Do you thank God for the job He has given you or only see the harshness in the situation? Are you bringing blessing wherever you go, or bringing doubt? Do you believe God is with you or not? Sometimes we need an attitude check up.

Take a step back and see your situation from God’s point of view. He has strategically placed you where you are so you will be an effective witness for Him.

This week check your perspective, take a step back and restore the heart of thankfulness that is within you. Bless you heaps


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