The importance of family

Hi how are you? I am writing a couple of blogs this week as I have a few topics on my heart. It is coming up to the time of the year where is will get busy. Christmas can be a busy time or it can be a lonely time. Whether you have family to spend Christmas with or not, I want to talk about the importance of family.

First, what is the definition of family? In the dictionary, it means a group of people related by blood or marriage. You may have a big natural family or a little family. But did you know you also have a spiritual family and we are all related by the blood of Jesus. Isn’t that great? This family is all over the world and although we may not personally know one another in this world, we all will one day in heaven.

So what does God think about family? Have you ever read the book in the Bible of 1 Chronicles. I was reading it last week. The people’s names just go on and on. But all of a sudden I realised that this was God showing us in the Bible, the importance of family. He listed quite a lot of people in those first few chapters of 1 Chronicles.

This is part of God’s family. God created Adam and Eve because He wanted a family. Someone to talk to and fellowship with. Someone He could tell secrets too and share stories with and the other way as well. But when they fell, God lost His family. He had to find a way to restore them. So He sent Jesus. But what happened before then. Didn’t God have a family?

Well yes He did. He had Adam’s descendants, then after the flood Noah’s descendants then He found a man Abraham. Out of Abraham came Jacob also known as Israel. This was God’s chosen nation, His family.

All of those are written in 1 Chronicles. Why else? Well sometimes we read the Bible and see individual stories but these chapters show us God’s heart and love for the generations.

So if you don’t have a family in the natural, you have a family in the spiritual if you have given your life to Jesus. Next time you feel lonely or want to share your secrets, God is there and will listen. After all, you are family.

Bless you heaps and have a great week


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