The unlikely ones

Hi how are you all doing? I am great and enjoying the weather and life. Have you ever felt like you were one of the most unlikely ones that God would ever save? Did you ever feel that your sin was too great, your culture was too far away from God or your self-esteem was too low for God to worry about you? All of us have felt like this and for some of us maybe others have spoken it over us.

Did you know you are in good company? Paul, the writer of a lot of the New Testament felt the same way. He even called himself the least of all the apostles and in 1 Timothy 1:15, he called himself the worst of all sinners. That is a pretty big statement. Would you say that about yourself? Why would he?

Let’s look at his life before Jesus. Paul was religious. He felt that the Law was greater than Jesus dying on the cross and rising again. He didn’t understand the concept of salvation with grace. He only knew the concept of salvation through works – following the Ten Commandments. So he persecuted the Christians and even consented to the stoning of Stephen. However, God saw something in Saul, as he was known then. He saw a man who was zealous for Him but in the wrong way. Once the truth was revealed to Saul, he gave his life to Jesus.

Do you know God sees something in you too? You are not the unlikely one. You are greatly loved, created in the image of God with an amazing God given future full of good and hope.

If you don’t believe me, read the parable of the great feast in Luke 14:15. The king put on a great feast and sent for all the invited guests. But they didn’t come, they made excuses. So what did the king do, he invited all the unlikely ones – the poor, the lame, the crippled, the blind and the ones in the highways and byways.

God wants heaven full so He invites all the unlikely ones. Don’t be the likely one either and miss out because of your excuses. God is waiting for all to give their lives to Him. So what are you waiting for? Read how to do this under the heading “do you want to know Jesus”.

Let me know and I will rejoice with you. Have a blessed week and keep living the life God intended for you.


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