What if there was no cross

Hi how are you all? I have had a good week so far, have you? Last week I was reading again the story in Matthew of Jesus’ crucifixion. It saddens me every time and I can’t help but think of the pain and suffering that He went through. I am a really sensitive person and it is really hard for me to fathom all that He did for me.

But as I was reading the story and telling God it is so sad, just so sad – God spoke to me and said Karen what if there was no cross. Those words really hit me. What if there was no cross? What if the laws in the Old Testament were still in? What would the world be like today? It seems like there is chaos everywhere with the cross, but what would it be like without the cross?

You see even though there was sadness, pain and suffering at the cross for Jesus, there would have been more sadness, more pain and more suffering for mankind without the cross. That is the reason John 3:16 is so powerful. For God so loved the world (all who lived in the past, who are alive now and all who are yet to be born in every nation and every country and every island all over the world) that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus that whosoever (all those in the previous brackets) believes in Him should not perish (have an eternity without God) but have eternal life (with God). All the bits in the brackets are my words. Just think about the love of God and the cross for a minute.

Yes the cross was cruel and sad but it is also the greatest expression of God’s love towards us. Last time we spoke about agape love – unconditional love and the cross is the expression of the unconditional love (agape love) of God.

This is the reason that God was okay to send His Son to die on a cruel cross for you and for me. Would you be okay to let your son do that? God not only loved Jesus unconditionally but He loved us unconditionally. We wouldn’t do it because most times we don’t love others that way. But God loves us that way.

So even though the story is painful and sad for me to read, it is really my hope and my future and my Jesus all rolled into one. I thank God that there was a cross and I don’t have to live in an entirely fallen world.

This week take a moment to remember what Jesus did for you on the cross. Don’t remember it as a time of sadness but a time of great redemption for us all. I am glad Jesus chose the cross and I am glad I chose the results of the cross.

Have a blessed week and keep living the life God intended for you.


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