What role don’t you like

As we go through life, there are certain people we don’t like or get along with. Jesus tells us to love our neighbour, which is all people but how do we do this. God spoke to me a few weeks ago and said it is only this role that you don’t like. I know that we can love people but not like their actions or the role they are playing. This is how we agape love people. … More What role don’t you like

Don’t throw out the old

When you organise do you throw out the old in order to get something new. God loves to give us something new – new revelation from Him, a new perspective on life, seeing people in a new loving way. However, God doesn’t want us to throw out the old in order to get the new. God wants us to retain our foundation and build on it. Read more about how you do this and what we should retain. … More Don’t throw out the old