Planning generationally

Hi how was you week? Mine was good. A bit rainy here but the sun did peek through and we had a lovely day today. I am currently reading the book of Jeremiah. But the story I want to focus on today is written in 2 Kings chapter 20. As I read the story, I am about to share, verse 19 of that chapter jumped out at me. The king at that time said some words and what was most strange about them was that he was not focussed on building the kingdom generationally but ensuring that all was right with today.

We will pick the story of King Hezekiah up at the start of chapter 20. In the first 12 verses of that chapter, Hezekiah was struck with a seemingly incurable illness and was told by the prophet in verse 1 that he was going to die. Hezekiah cried out to God and because he humbled himself, the prophet went back in to him and advised that God had given him another 15 years of life. You would think that the king would be grateful but he didn’t believe the prophet, or God and wanted a sign which God gave him. He was totally healed.

In the next part of the chapter, a present came from Babylon for the king because they heard he had been sick. So after receiving the present, what did the king do – he showed the Babylonians everything in his house – all the treasures, the armoury, the food stores. Not even the Israelites had seen this but he showed it to foreigners. Pride had definitely kicked in. The humility he showed in the first part of the chapter was definitely gone.

God wasn’t happy so He sent the prophet to him. The prophet issued a dire warning. He basically said that there was coming a day when those same Babylonians will carry everything they saw back to their own cities. Did the king humble himself and cry out to God like he did when he was dying? No! He said that’s okay – at least there will be peace in my day.

Hang on – aren’t you the king and aren’t you supposed to build the kingdom for the future generations. You see pride will lead to self- centredness if we aren’t careful and it will wreck our vision for the future generations. King David understood this. He knew that God had ordained his son to build the temple. So what did David do? He didn’t say not my problem but started to amass the building materials that his son would need. David was thinking generationally.

Are we thinking generationally? Are we building and preparing for future generations? Do you pray for your grandchildren who aren’t even born? Are you resourcing your church’s building fund to build the house for future generations?

If God hasn’t put vision for future generations in your heart, ask Him too. God is interested in the legacy that we build. God sent Jesus to die not just for those people living at the time, but for future generations.

This week, ask God what you can do. He will definitely tell you. This is part of the life He’s given us – a heart for future generations. Be blessed and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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