Time to step out

Hi how was your week? Mine was good although it is a little chilly in my town. Question for you – have you ever felt God telling you to step out but you weren’t sure. The place where you are in doesn’t feel comfortable anymore but you don’t want to move either.

That’s what happened in the story we are going to look at in 2 Kings 7 verses 3 to 16. This is a story of four leprous men and a life and death situation. You see the town where they were living outside of had been besieged by the Syrians and there was a great famine in the town, where the people were even eating their own children. That’s how bad it was.

In those days, lepers needed to live outside the town until they were healed. They were unclean and couldn’t go near anyone. So these four lepers said in verse 3, why are we sitting here until we die. If we go into the city, there is a famine and we will die, so let’s just surrender to the Syrians. Maybe they will let us live and if they kill us, well we are going to die anyway. These four lepers decided to step out and go to the enemy’s camp.

However, once they arrived at the enemy’s camp, the enemy had all fled. They had left their food, their belongings and everything. The lepers were saved – they could now eat and not starve. But when you step out, it is not for your benefit only but for those who are also hungry and needy.

The lepers left the camp and went back to the city to tell the King. He didn’t believe them at first but sent a search party to see where the enemy went. The messengers were sent out and found the enemy had fled and dropped their garments and their weapons. They were free then to plunder the camp and be fed. Nearly the whole town went out to the camp and took and sold what they could. The town and its people were saved.

What is God calling you and I to do? Is He telling us it is time to step out and not be afraid. As soon as we step out, the enemy will flee because greater is God in us and we are submitted to God. There are people out there who are starving and hungry for the Word of God. There are people out there who are starved of friendship and need yours. There are people out there starving for love and need to be shown the love of God. There are people out there who are literally hungry and God is calling you to feed them.

It is time for all of us to stop being afraid of the enemy and the future and step out into all God has for us. Take Him by the hand and let’s go. You can do it in the strength of God.

Bless you heaps and have a great week.


3 thoughts on “Time to step out

  1. Life is an adventure, isn’t it? When we step out it is always an act of faith. How will we know what we will find? Will it be scary or dangerous? Will it be fun and exciting? The fact is we cannot know and that is why it takes faith to step out. But when we take those first intrepid steps into the unknown, secretly He is with us. Fact is, He has never left us. This is why it is always safe to step out in faith. Problem is that many don’t get beyond what they can see with their eyes to trust with their hearts. They don’t step out and therefore miss all the golden opportunities He will bring our way to grow our faith. Will we have scary times? Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact He is with us. Will we have fun times and sad times? Yes, but again He is with us. No matter the situation whenever we step out we will find He has gone on the path before us to prepare the way.

    I agree, take His hand and let’s go. It’s time for the great adventure.

    Homer Les


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