Sacrifice your promise

Hi how was your week? I received a clean bill of health from my doctor – my heart and lungs are good, which is great. How was your week? We have been speaking in these blogs a lot about finding a promise in the Word of God and holding on to that promise until it comes to pass. But what if God then tells us to lay down, or sacrifice, that promise – what then. How do we do that and still trust God has it all under control?

I am sure Abraham asked himself the same question when God told him to sacrifice his promise. You see in Genesis 18, God gave Abraham and his wife Sarah the promise of a son when they were too old to have children anymore, especially in the natural. But that promise came to pass in Genesis 21. But one chapter later, God told Abraham to sacrifice his promise.

What did Abraham do? He arose the next morning and took Isaac, the promise, and journeyed to the place where he was to sacrifice his son. When he and Isaac were alone, Isaac asked the question – where is the sacrifice. Abraham assured Isaac that God would provide the sacrifice. He then bound Isaac up and laid him on the altar and was about to kill him, when God spoke don’t. Abraham looked around and a ram was caught in the thicket and he used that for a sacrifice.

Abraham had to put his promise on the altar for God to move. Have you received a promise from God that you are holding so tightly too, that you are more focussed on the promise than on God. Or maybe you are relying on God, but your promise is never far from your mind. God is telling us today to lay that promise on the altar and give it back to Him. God is able to do far more with our promise than we are.

If you are believing for your healing, put your trust back on God and not on the promise. If you are believing for your children’s salvation, put your trust back on God because He knows what He is doing in their lives and we don’t. I love what Abraham called that place – The Lord Will Provide. After that an angel appeared to him and gave him a further blessing from God.

Once we lay our promise back on the altar, God will provide for that promise to come to pass in ways that we can’t envision ourselves. God knows the plan and He asks us to trust Him and not the promise.

In Hebrews 11:19, it states that Abraham thought to himself, if I have to sacrifice my promise, then God will raise that promise up again. God will raise our promises back to life if we will sacrifice them back to him.

Please understand that sacrifice does not mean killing someone but it means offering the promise of God back to Him.

This week, do you have a promise from God. If you have and it’s been taking you away from your relationship with God first and foremost, then sacrifice that promise back to God and see Him resurrect it.

Have an amazing week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you heaps


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