Calling then springing

Hi how was your week? Mine was good. I love this time of year as it is cool and not so hot, which is great. My question for you this week is what do you do when God calls. Do you wonder if it is really Him calling, do you argue with what God is telling you to do or do you spring up excited to do what God has told you to do? It really should be the last one, but let’s look at the others first.

How do you know it is God speaking to you? It takes practice to hear the voice of God but more often than not, it comes from within. It doesn’t come from your head but your spirit. Sometimes God speaks to us when we are reading His Word and others have dreams and visions. You need to practice – just take a minute and say I love you God and then listen for His reply. He always will reply, it is up to us to listen. It’s exciting when God talks to you as He feels near and not far away.

The next thing – don’t argue with God. I have tried numerous times and it has never worked. I argued with Him over marrying my husband nearly 22 years ago. Although I wasn’t sure at the time, God was very sure and it was His blessing to me.

So what should we do when God calls? Spring up just like the man in Mark 10: 46 to 52. This is the story about the healing of blind Bartimaeus. How would you like to be known by that sort of name? I wouldn’t. Jesus came walking through his town which was Jericho and Jesus walked right through the town. But Bartimaeus was sitting there begging when he heard a commotion. Jesus was coming. So what did Bartimaeus do? The only thing he could to get someone’s attention- he shouted have mercy on me. This was his chance to be touched by Jesus. The amazing thing is that with all the noise around – Jesus heard him. Jesus is always listening for us to cry out to Him whether it is in need or in praise.

So Jesus called him. What did Bartimaeus do? Did he come up with excuses of why he couldn’t get to Jesus or did he sit there waiting for Jesus to come to Him? No, when Jesus called, he threw off his livelihood (his coat) and sprang up. This was his time for a miracle and he wasn’t going to miss it. Jesus then asked what He could do for him? Anyone could see Bartimaeus was blind but sometimes God wants us to own our need. Bartimaeus answered that he wanted to see and Jesus healed him.

My question to us is are we going to spring up when God calls us. We should. It is not the time for excuses or sitting in our past. It is time to spring up and step forward into the amazing future God has for us. Let’s not be complacent but keep walking forward. God has a great plan for all of our lives and it is beyond our expectations or imaginations.

So next time God calls, spring up expecting your miracle and keep living the life God intended for you. Bless you heaps.



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