When the picture looks messy

Hi how was your week? Mine was very messy and to tell the truth I felt a lot like Job although my kids are both still here. Still, I felt Satan went to God and said ” look at your servant Karen. She thinks her life is going great but I want to mess with it. Do I have permission?” God said “yes, test her faith and trust in Me”. It probably isn’t what happened but it feels like it.

My life, at the moment, is like one of those tapestries where one side is messy as it’s full of threads going everywhere but when you turn it over, it makes a beautiful picture – only I can’t see the picture. So what should I, and you do, when the picture looks messy.

Well, there are many stories in the Bible that we can draw our inspiration from. Let’s look at a few.

1. Joseph was thrown in a well and sold as a slave by his brothers. He then was wrongfully accused and thrown in jail. But in the end, he forgave his brothers and told them, he was sent to that place to do God’s will so they wouldn’t starve.

2. Naomi and her husband and sons went to Moab as there was a famine in Bethel. After she had lost everything, except her two daughters in law, she heard there was bread in Bethel. So she returned destitute, widowed and childless with only her daughter in law, Ruth. In the end, Ruth married Boaz and is in the lineage of Jesus.

3. David was anointed to be King and ended up in the palace as Sauls armour bearer. But after a while, Sauk grew jealous of David and David left the palace to go live in caves with destitute men. But in that, he learnt leadership and to rely totally on God. In the end, he became King.

There are many other stories we could look at but they all have a few things in common. If we keep walking with God, His plan in our lives will be fulfilled. We need to trust that He has it and not walk away or turn aside. We need to have faith in God that the picture will turn out all right. Trust in God is the key ingredient in walking through trials.

This week, keep walking and trusting in God through every situation. The picture might look messy now but one day the tapestry of our lives will be turned over to reveal a beautiful picture. Have an amazing week and bless you heaps.



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