Waiting and trusting

Hi how was your week? Mine was good and not so good. I had a relax day at the mountains near my home but then a couple of days later, my faith was put to the test when my oldest son went missing. What do you do when that happens? I am thankful to God that He was with me all through it and never left me. But is that enough? To find out the answer, let’s look at the story of the prodigal son.

But this time, I want to concentrate on the father. We know that the father in the story can symbolise God and the way that He waits for us until we return home to Him. But I want to look at the father as a parent who is waiting for their child to return. Maybe you have been there and maybe not but you could apply this to any situation in your life. What about the dreams that have gone walk about? What about the relationships that have taken a journey away from you? You can think of something in your own life.

The story is found in Luke 15: 11 to 32. This father had two sons. But it was the younger who demanded his share of the inheritance. More often than not, the inheritance is given when the person dies, not while they were alive. In this case, when the father died, each of his sons would receive equal inheritance as there were only two of them. In Jewish tradition, the inheritance was divided up as such – half to the first son and then the other half to be divided up between the rest. In essence, the younger son was saying give me my share and in doing so, I will treat you, the father, as if you had already died.

What was the fathers reaction? He just divided up the inheritance between the two sons and gave the younger son his. What heartbreak for the dad? He may never see his son ever again. His heart must have been breaking in two and he must have wondered what went wrong.

Have you ever done this when things don’t work out the way you think? I have – a hundred times, especially as a mum. I wonder what the father did in all those years of waiting .

Verse 20 gives us a glimpse. The father never gave up trusting that he would see his son again. He looked for him down the road probably many times, until one day his dream had come true, the son was walking up the road. What then was the fathers reaction?

His father had compassion, ran to meet him and kissed him. He was so excited to see his son. I was too last Saturday night. I literally cried when my son was found and wept all over him. The father never chastised him for what he had done, although I am sure that by the sons appearance, he might have guessed that he had a rough time. The son was repentant but all the father wanted to do was throw him a party to welcome him home.

I wonder how often the father dreamed of this very party happening. I didn’t throw a party for my son on the outside but inside I am sure I did.

What do we do though in that waiting? On Saturday all I could do was pray and trust God. God was whispering to me all day that I have got him and he is fine. I truly wanted to believe but as the day wore on, my trust was waning. When the phone call happened, I was overjoyed and I bet God was up in heaven saying I told you so.

Although it is hard to wait in those times and have trust in God, that is what we must do. It is impossible to please God without faith and faith and trust go together. Through my experience, my faith and trust in God has grown deeper. I walked through the fire and came out the other side, with God.

If I can do it, you can too. This week look to God in everything that is happening in your life. He’s got it as long as you keep believing and trusting. Don’t doubt because you will then feel alone. God is faithful and a true miracle working God.

This week keep waiting and trusting and living the life God intended for you.

Bless you



2 thoughts on “Waiting and trusting

  1. This is plot to convert Hindus to Christianity. When I try to google some information regarding Mahabharata or Shri Krishna the first thing I come across is an information link praising Christianity. Stop this nonsense.


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