When God comes down

Where do you think God is? Do you think that he sits on a big throne far far away and holds a gigantic stick when you do bad things? Do you think God is so far away that He forgets that you exist? Maybe you think there is no God. Maybe you are like me and know that God is a loving heavenly Father Who just wants to talk to us and us talk to Him just like happened in the Garden of Eden. So how do I know, He can be that close?

Let’s have a look at what the Bible says. In Exodus 3 we find the story of the burning bush. For those not familiar with the story, Moses had left Egypt because he had killed a man and was running away from Pharaoh. He ended up in the land of Midian, married a girl and his job was to tend his father-in-laws sheep. One day as he was tending to the sheep, he noticed a bush that was burning but was not consumed (it was not being burnt although there was fire on it). Moses went to have a look and as he arrived at the bush, God started speaking to him. In verse 7, God said to Moses that He had seen that His people (the Israelites) were being treated harshly and He had come down to deliver them and to bring them up to a good land.

Even though the Israelites were experiencing hard times, God had not left them or forgotten them. He had come down to see and then do something about it. The problem is however, that God the Father doesn’t dwell on earth, He dwells in heaven. So in order to carry out the plan, He needs someone to do it on earth.

Just because God doesn’t dwell here, doesn’t mean that He doesn’t notice. He just expects you and I as His children who live on the earth to be obedient to Him and carry out His plan to right the wrongs. God is not so far away, He doesn’t see or care.

Another verse says that God will never leave us nor forsake us. How does God come down to us? Easy – on the day of Pentecost in Acts 3: 1 to 4, God sent the Holy Spirit to us so that He can live within us and help us to pray, comfort us, spread God’s wisdom to us and give us revelation knowledge of God’s Word. We may not see Him but we will sense His presence and His nearness.

So as you walk through your Christian journey, remember that God is not far away, He does care and He sent you a heavenly helper – the Holy Spirit to be with you always. Are you still looking for God on the outside? If you are a Christian, don’t as He lives on the inside of you. If you are not a Christian, just look at Jesus and what He did for you on the cross. Ask forgiveness for your sins, accept what Jesus did for you and your life will be transformed. God will not be far off, but close to you.

Have an amazing day and keep living the life God intended for you.

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