Life of adventure

Have you ever wanted to live a life of adventure but something held you back? Are you like me and a bit afraid to step out of your comfort zone? Well, it’s time to put our brave on and start to live out our life of faith more boldly and courageously. There are many stories in the Bible to give us that encouragement so let’s look at some.

The first brave person we are going to find out about is Abraham. Long before he was Abraham, he was Abram and living in an idolatrous land. God saw something in Him and called him out of that land to a land that God would show him. I have spoken about this before but it is worth repeating the story. God didn’t tell him he was moving to a certain city. God told him he was moving and would show him where.

All Abram could do was walk one step at a time to follow God. That is why the scripture says in Psalm 119:105 that the Word of God is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. A lamp will only light a bit of our path not the whole way as God wants us to use our faith, be brave and just follow Him.

Moses was another brave person except he didn’t lead his family into a place where he didn’t know where he was going, he led a nation. God told him that he would lead the Israelites out of Egypt so they could worship God on Mount Moriah. But after that God led him to an unknown place with a bunch of people who believed God one minute and didn’t believe Him the next. Moses never arrived at the promised land – he saw it but didn’t step foot in it. Disobedience kept him out. We need to keep obeying God even when the journey gets tough.

Ruth is the last brave person I am going to mention. She was a Moabite and had married an Israelite who dwelt in her land. After her husband and father in law died, her mother in law Naomi stated that she was going back to her own land. Ruth wanted to follow her and did. But for Ruth to follow, she had to serve God (Who she had never known before), leave her family and leave her land and customs. She gave up everything to be brave and go with Naomi – except for hope. She had heard the stories about the Israelites from Naomi and about their amazing God. She wanted to experience it and become a part of it. She did and is in the lineage of Jesus. Her being brave lead her to marry Boaz who was King David’s great grandfather.

So from these stories, we learn four things about adventure- one it takes bravery, two it takes trust, three it takes obedience and four, it takes giving up some things. Sounds like what happens to us when we give our lives to Jesus.

Living a life of adventure is exciting and scary but it doesn’t have to be if we have Jesus. So what are you waiting for? Start living a life of adventure because that’s the kind of life that God intended for you to have. Bless you heaps!

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