Give me a man

I haven’t shared on the blog for a while due to circumstances. So I will share a few posts daily for the next few days. This one is on “Give me a man” – not me as I have a loving husband. It comes from the story of David and Goliath but I believe it is being said in the spirit today not by God but by the enemy.

The story is found in 1 Samuel 17. In essence, David’s brothers had gone off to war with the King whilst David stayed at home with the sheep. He wasn’t required as he was too young. However, his dad grew concerned about the brothers as they had been gone for so long. So David was sent to be the food deliverer to the brothers and their leaders. But when David came to the camp, they were all terrified. You see everyday for the past 40 days, all the opposing army shouted for was one man from the Israelites to fight the giant on their side.

David looked at them all terrified and said send me I will fight him. I may be young, inexperienced but my God is a big God and He has delivered me before and will deliver me again. The end of the story is that David defeated the giant.

But the enemy is still crying out in our midst – give me a man and sometimes we are foolish enough to take the bait and believe that in our own strength we can defeat the enemy. The funny part about it is is that God has already given a man- His Son Jesus. All we have to do is say no enemy, the man has been given and He defeated you.

When things come against us and they will, we must remember to fight from a vantage point of victory – the man has already been given.

In the story of David, once David defeated the giant, the opposing army knew they were defeated and ran. The Israelites chased them and won the battle that day. All we need to do is the same. Jesus (the Word) has been given and all we need to do is stand on the Word until we see the results of the victory.

Today, find a word in the Bible that pertains to your situation and stand on it. What does it mean to stand on it? When thoughts come to you or circumstances arise that are different to that Word that you found, then speak and say no enemy the truth in the Word of God is this and not what you are saying or I am seeing. Keep believing the Word of God until it becomes your reality. You can do it because Jesus said you can and He is your strength.

The man Jesus has already defeated the enemy now it’s our turn to believe in and trust in Jesus and see the victory come to pass for us. Have an amazing day and keep living the life God intended for you. Bless you heaps!

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