Healed from the roots up

Have you ever wondered why you don’t receive your healing the biblical way. Maybe you have taken your medicines and have recovered but that isn’t God’s best way. His best way is for us to live in supernatural health all the time. Am I there yet? Absolutely not but I am going to continue developing my faith until I am.

Last week as I was listening to a teaching video on healing online, I received a revelation regarding healing that I want to share today.

We all know that as Christians we walk by faith and not by sight. It is only by faith that we please God because we are putting our total trust in Him and in His Word. However, I find it difficult to walk by faith for healing when I can feel and/ or see my symptoms, until last week.

Let’s look at the verses in Mark 11: 12 to 13. This is the story of when Jesus cursed the fruit tree. Jesus was hungry and saw a fig tree with leaves and went up to it knowing it should have had fruit on it. But alas it didn’t! So Jesus spoke to the tree and said may nobody eat fruit off you ever again. He was basically saying that the fig tree looked good and nourishing but it was only a pile of leaves – only looked good on the outside and had no substance on the inside. Don’t be like that fig tree.

Once Jesus cursed the fig tree, He walked away into Jerusalem and went back past it that night. It was either dark at night or nothing had changed about the fig tree for anyone to notice.

The next morning, verse 20, they again walked past the fig tree and this time, there was a difference. The disciples noticed that it had withered from the roots up. Jesus went on to talk about the concepts of faith. But I want us to stop at that verse.

You see sickness is a curse that is in the world and came through the disobedience of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Just like the fig tree we can curse sickness that tries to come on us or is on us. What does curse mean? Speak badly of. We can tell that sickness that it has no right to be on our bodies and we command it to leave because in 1 Peter 2:24, by Jesus’ stripes we were healed and if we was we are.

But what do you notice after you command that sickness to leave your body. Generally nothing, unless you receive an instant miracle by God. This is where faith kicks in and where my revelation came. As soon as I prayed, that sickness started withering up from the roots. Generally, the roots are underground so we can’t see anything. Even though you can’t see what’s happening, we must have faith that our prayers worked because we prayed according to the will of God – that divine health is mine under the covenant price that Jesus paid. My sickness and disease is withering away and one day, I will see the evidence. Believe you receive your healing and take it – it’s yours.

This week pray over those parts of your body that aren’t well. Believe that you have received your healing. Keep taking your medicines until you are totally healed and the doctor has cleared you. Divine healing is one of the ways we are to keep living the life God intended for us. Bless you heaps!


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