Little things big things

Last year I wrote this from the balcony of my cruise ship. A cruise is amazing – no cooking and housework. But sitting in the middle of the ocean gives me a perspective on life that I don’t get anywhere else.

At home, the little things seem so important – making sure I am up to date with the news, not forgetting an appointment, ensuring my diary shows everything I need to do and writing it all down and making sure my connection with God, my family and friends are all where they should be.

Out here on the cruise ship, I can re- evaluate my life and get a perspective on what the most important things are. Generally, it is not the doing but the being – not having the duties done but having the relationships right. If we concentrate too much on the doing, we won’t have time for the being. What do I mean? Is your relationships with God, your spouse, your family, others and yourself where it needs to be. If not, those little things are taking over the big things.

Sometimes, we have so many responsibilities that we may never or only allot a very small time to ourselves.

In Proverbs 31, it talks about the virtuous woman. She has a lot of responsibilities but still devotes one verse to herself or about an hour a day. This hour is not spent reading a book but is spent dressing, exercising and making sure she looks good. Why? When you look good, you feel good and this reflects in our relationships. The same principle applies to me – only you probably don’t take that much time.

So what are these big things that we devote so little time too? The first is our relationship with God. I don’t know about you but this is one area I neglect when I am busy. However, I have found if I read my Bible and pray first, then all that is in my day gets done easier and quicker. The story of Mary and Martha shows us this concept. Martha’s was busy preparing and Mary was busy sitting. If Martha would have sat first, her preparations would have gone much quicker and with a better attitude.

The next thing is what I discussed above – us. If we are more organised, then our family will be too. That funny saying of if mummy not happy, no ones happy sometimes rings true. Ladies we create the atmosphere in our homes. Think about that! If you (out of your fellowship with God) create the atmosphere, what is your home like? You can make it better by spending time with God and asking Him to bless your day and be with you.

This week, get before God and ask him what those big things are for your life. If they are not happening, talk to God and maybe a mentor about it. If they are, teach others so we can all be blessed. Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

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