Have you got your visa?

My husband and I are getting ready to go on another overseas holiday. This time was a little unusual as we had to send our passports away to the country’s consulate in our country with our visa application. The visa application had to be approved before we could enter that country. If it wasn’t approved, then our passports wouldn’t have been stamped with it and we could not enter.

I could have brought my plane tickets, booked my accommodation, purchased my travel insurance, had a current passport and had my bags packed and ready to go. But none of that would have helped me if I didn’t have my visa.

Getting to heaven requires that we have both a passport and a visa. Most of us have our passport – we believe that there is a God and He does exist. However, out of those people, there are those that don’t have their visa – Jesus.

Jesus said in the Bible that He is the way, He is the truth and He is the life and that nobody comes to the Father (passport) except through Jesus. Jesus is our visa into heaven and if we don’t believe that He was born into this earth, that He lived as a child, teen then adult and that He died on the cross and rose again, our access to heaven will be denied.

Jesus came to bridge that gap between God and man that Adam created in the Garden of Eden. God had to have a man to restore that gap but they also had to live a perfect life – without sin. Jesus was the only one that could do that and He did it for you and I.

There is only one sin in the world today and that is not believing in what Jesus did for us. All other behaviours come out of the choices that we make. We need to get our visa.

Do we send away for it? Is it hard to get? The answers to those is no. All we have to do is confess our sins and believe in what Jesus did for us and we will be saved. Will it cost us anything? Yes – it will cost you your life. But the cost is so worth it – to live an amazing life following the plans and purposes God has for our lives, to live in peace and knowing that God loves us. Knowing that we are valued greatly and that God chose us first so that we could choose Him. God doesn’t want robots, He wants a relationship people.

If you don’t have your visa for heaven, please get it today. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring so it’s best to have your passport and visa ready. Once you do, live the life God intended for you. It will be amazing! Bless you heaps!


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