Expand your vision

Have you ever been at the bottom of a mountain – either in a car, boat or on foot? The mountain seems so large and looks a bit menacing. You start to walk or travel in a car up it. The path seems dangerous and steep but you keep persevering. Finally, you reach the top and look out. Your vision is no longer focussed on the mountain but on the view. You can see for miles and those things below that seemed so large, now seem so small. You have expanded your vision in the natural but there was a climb to be done first.

I believe it is time to climb once again. A time to get up and get out of the valley and start to move in an upward direction. Spiritually we are already there but in our soul area (which is our mind, will and emotions), we are either in the valley or on our way up. So what steps do we take to climb the mountain?

1. We have to read the Bible to find out what promises are ours. Do you need healing, read Isaiah 53? Do you need blessings on your life, read Deuteronomy 28? Are you fighting a battle, read Isaiah 54:17? There are many more promises in the Bible but they are like mining for gold, you have to search for them.

2. Personalise that promise. The Bible is not just nice stories for you to read but it is your Life Manual. Take those promises that you find and apply them to your situation. Put your name in the verse and speak it out loud until you truly believe it.

3. Stand on that promise until you see it come to pass. God is not a fast food, microwave God. It can feel more like a slow cooker. When the conditions are right and your faith is built up, you will see breakthrough. The Bible says stand and when you have stood for what seems a long time, continue to stand.

4. You are now on the top of the mountain. You can see the view better and know the character and faith that has been building in you. You can see clearly that the promise was there all along – you just had to believe it.

I am not just talking here about the promise for you only. What about the purposes and plans for your life- God wants to expand you in order to touch other people’s lives. This is not a present just for you – it is a present to be shared.

In Matthew 28, Jesus said go into all the world – into your neighbourhood, your town, your state, your country and other countries with what God has given you. Expand your vision – the world is waiting for us to know who we are and Whose we are. It is time to climb the mountain and see the world as Jesus sees it. Not as getting worse but as a harvest ready to reap.

Speak to God and ask Him what He would have you do. For me, it was writing this blog. I didn’t know how to write a blog or even if anyone would read it. But when you step out in faith knowing God is with you possibilities and vision spread before you.

This week pray and seek God regarding the plan He has for your life, keep being faithful to Him and as you do you will keep living the life God intended for you. Bless you heaps!

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