Time to experience God

2018 is the time to experience God more than ever before. It is not only a time to get to know God more but to experience God. When we go to a concert or a sports event, it is more exciting being at the event in person rather than watching it on television. Why? Because we get to experience the event -the sights, the smells, the atmosphere, the other people attending etc. A live event gives us a sense of expectation before it starts and gives us a memory at the end. It is time to go to a live event in your relationship with God.

Let’s look at some experiences people had in the Bible with God. These all come from the New Testament. All of the experiences happened between God and Jesus, and people after the resurrection.

1. The disciples experienced God when Jesus breathed on them to receive the Holy Spirit -John 20: 22.

2. The disciples next experienced God in Acts 2 when they were all praying and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in new tongues.

3. Stephen experienced God when he gazed into heaven and saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God and knew he was about to be welcomed home in Acts 7: 55.

4. Saul (later known as Paul) experienced Jesus on the Damascus road when he saw a vision, fell to the ground and wanted to know Who Jesus was in Acts 9:3.

5. An Ethiopian eunuch experienced God when Philip came near his chariot and heard Philip explain about Jesus. The eunuch was then water baptised and went on his way in Acts 8:26.

6. Cornelius met Jesus when he called for Peter and Peter came to his house and preached Jesus to them and the Holy Spirit fell on the gentiles in Acts 10:1.

All of these people experienced Jesus in different ways but it was always through Jesus. You can’t experience the love of God except through God.

God wants us to have a deeper experience with Him this year – not for our benefit only but for the benefit of others. Once we have truly experienced Jesus we cannot but help tell others about him. Just like the concert or the sporting match, you want to tell others so they also can have the opportunity to experience it too.

It is only through preaching Jesus and our experience with Him that others can know about Him. So this year, seek Jesus and go deeper in your experience. Then go and tell someone what you have experienced. This is going to be an amazing year where the supernatural is going to meet the natural. Get ready! Be blessed and keep living the life God intended for you.


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