Life of adventure

Last Friday night we had a ladies night at church.  It is titled Girl Crew and the theme this time was where will the adventure take you? I am not really one for a physically challenging adventure but I like being challenged in my mind. So my idea of adventure is not mountain climbing but rather a super hard suduko puzzle.  But there is another type of adventure that sons and daughters of God must undertake if we are to grow in God and it is a spiritual adventure. Part of that is living by faith and finding and then achieving your purpose. Sometimes, those seem a long way off so what can we do in the everyday that will make our everyday an adventure and not a one off event.

I love the story of Ruth and Naomi in the book of Ruth. Naomi was an Israelite living in the foreign land of Moab and Ruth was a Moabite. Naomi decided to go back to Israel as she heard there was abundance in the land. For her the journey was painful – going back without her husband and sons who had died, with shame around her and not knowing whether she would be accepted back or not. She had literally lost everything. 

However for Ruth this was going to be an adventure. She had heard the stories about God and His great miracles. She had heard the stories about provision. She had heard the stories about no human sacrifice only animals and now she was on her way to experience it. Same journey – two different attitudes.

Can you imagine Ruth on the journey? She would have been constantly asking questions, begging for the stories over again and learning all she could about this new land and great God. However, fear may also have been involved – would they welcome and accept a heathen woman.  Could she find employment? Would God be good to her or would he shun her?

As we go on our adventures with God, we too will have the same expectations but also the same fears. We need to do as Ruth did – kept going forward to her destination.

Once Ruth and Naomi arrived there, they were welcomed and had a place to stay. Naomi sent Ruth to glean (as poor people did) in the fields to get enough food to eat. Ruth caught the attention of a wealthy land owner who encouraged her and provided for her. She ended up marrying him and was the great grandmother of King David. What an adventure!

It all started with a decision to follow Naomi, her God and live her way of life. Ruth could have chosen to stay in Moab like her sister in law but then King David may never have been born.  This would have affected the whole natural line of Jesus. Think about that. Because Ruth chose to go on an adventure, her life impacted those through many generations and her story teaches us about God’s faithfulness and mercy to all.

Maybe it’s time for you to take your own adventure. Ruth’s adventure came through living her everyday life and allowing God to bless her and move her into the places she needed to be. God is waiting to be the driver of your life – not to wreck it but to take you on an amazing adventure! Are you ready?

This week keep living the life God intended for you – a life full of adventure and purpose!

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