Mountain move

I love looking at the mountains. They are so tall and majestic and seem so imposing. They stand above all else and can be seen a long way off. My favourite view is from a distance. They then blend into the countryside around them. But the closer you get to the mountain, the bigger it becomes and when you are standing next to it looking up, it becomes more imposing. In the natural, the only way to conquer the mountain is to climb it. This takes time and a lot of effort and once you reach the top, you need to come down again. You end in the same position you started – by looking up at the imposing mountain.

In the spiritual however, Jesus tells us to speak to the mountain and it will be removed. Our time is not spent climbing the mountain and becoming physically exhausted, it is spent speaking to the mountain and seeing it disappear. So first things first! We need to recognise and speak what those mountains are. For to get rid of it, you must acknowledge it first. If we don’t acknowledge it, we treat it as normal and put up with it. So what’s your mountain? It could be sickness, debt, strained relationships or feelings of low self worth.

Once we recognise it, we need to speak to it (Mark 4). How do we speak to it? Nicely – mountains don’t do nice, politely – mountains don’t do polite, then how? With the authority that God has given you using the correct scripture in the Bible pertaining to your circumstances. Once you have spoken to it, then what do you do.

You stand and wait patiently for it to move, all the while, thanking God for Who He is and what He has done. Now that mountain may move slowly – rock by rock or it may come crashing down. When that happens, rejoice your mountain has moved.

But there is something I see behind where that mountain stood. Yes, it is another mountain.  While you are still a long way from it, get good at speaking the Word of God to it and it will crumble before you get close to  it. This is called building your faith. The mountains may get bigger. But guess what, if you and God have overcome the little ones, the bigger ones require just a little more faith.

Is there a mountain in your life, if there is, speak to it! Together you and I are building our faith and in doing so are being changed from glory to glory and living the life God has intended for us all!!!


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