The truth generation

If we take a good look around today, it is hard to tell whether the truth is being spoken or not. We listen to the politicians and wonder if they even know what truth is because it is hard to tell – are we saying things to get what we want or are we saying things to bring freedom into others lives. Truth may hurt but truth is necessary as it is truth that causes us to change and grow. Without truth, we go around doing what is right in our own eyes regardless of the consequences for ourselves or others.

So what does the word called truth mean? In the Pocket Oxford dictionary it means ” being true or truthful”. So what does true mean? True means a lot of different things but I like the meaning of conforming to the appropriate standard. God set us the standard when He wrote His Word. That is our standard. How is that the case with so many different things around? Easy, the concepts in the Bible will always work and won’t be detrimental to either you or I.

Let’s have a look at some. It says love others. That means that we should think more highly of others than ourselves. This means that we are not going to cause them any type of harm if we really obey what God’s Word says.

Zechariah 8: 19b states that we should love truth and peace. We need to stand up and be the truth generation. Those who proclaim the Word of God in all circumstances. But we also need to shroud that truth with peace. If we go around protesting that trust must reign but do it in a violent way (with no peace), that is not God’s way. We must remind ourselves that God created all people and satan has deceived them.

Let’s see when truth prevailed in the Bible. There are many stories but let’s concentrate on one. The most well known one is Noah and the ark. Noah lived in a time, much like today, where truth didn’t prevail. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes and it was against Gods will and purpose for them. God told Noah He was going to destroy the earth but He would save Noah and his family because Noah was righteous ( in right standing with God and living truth). 

Noah taught the people for 120 years and told them the truth of what God was going to do. But they all laughed and mocked him until the day came when the ark was finished, the animals and Noah and his family were safe in the ark and then the rains came. We must remember these people didn’t know what rain was as the earth was watered from underneath. No umbrellas were required in that day. They all thought Noah was speaking wrongly but in fact, he was speaking the truth.

Just like Noah, we need to be known as the truth generation. Those who will speak the truth of God’s Word even when it is uncomfortable or unpleasant. If we don’t speak the truth, how will others know. What is the truth we must speak? That Jesus did die on the cross so that your sins could be taken away but only if you repent and that there is coming a day soon when Jesus will return for His people and then judgment will come on the rest, just like in Noah’s day.

It is still not too late to say yes to Jesus and become a part of the truth generation. It is time to stand up and be counted and see God’s glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Will you join me in being that truth generation? Have a blessed week and keep living the life God intended for you!


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