I believe in you

I believe in you. These are some of the most powerful words that anyone can speak into our lives. They speak to our past and say – past you are gone, they speak to our present – you are still worthy and loved – they speak to our future – the best is yet to come. But to enable them to do that, you have to take those words into your heart. There are many examples in the Bible where this happened and we will look at a few. 

The story of Joseph in the last 12 chapters of Genesis is powerful. Joseph was a favoured son of his father. His older brothers didn’t like him and wanted him gone. They had possibly mistreated him for years. But one day God gave Joseph a dream that said his brothers and the sun, moon and stars would all bow to him. This was an I believe in you moment for Joseph. His father might have pandered to him and his brothers mistreated him but this was something from God that defined his future and said I believe in you. What you see around you is not my plan, but I have a bigger plan for you. Even through the slavery, being accused wrongly and the prison, Joseph held on to that moment where God’s vision over his life was an I believe in you moment.

Peter was another one. On the night Jesus was condemned to die, Jesus told Peter that Satan had desired to sift Him as wheat, but I (Jesus) have prayed. Jesus knew that Peter was going to betray Him so Jesus gave Peter I believe in you moment. Later on when Peter did betray Jesus, Peter went out and wept bitterly. He remembered the I believe in you moment. Jesus later restored Peter on the beach and again spoke into his future with this is what you are going to do and I believe in you.

What about Moses? Moses was brought up in Pharaoh’s palace and later on killed someone which caused him to flee. But God met him out in the wilderness around a burning bush and told Moses he was the one to deliver Israel out of Egypt. Moses had all kinds of excuses but God said I believe in you and you can do it. So Moses did. I wonder how often he went back to the I believe in you moment.

What about us? God has already spoken an I believe in you moment over all of our lives. He has said in Jeremiah 29:11, I know the good plans I have for your life. Plans to prosper you and give you a future. He also told us that we were to go and make disciples. God left the responsibility of growing His Church to us because He believes in us.

If you want to be given those words by a person, I am here to tell you today I believe in you. Whatever is in your heart to do for God and for good, go and do – I believe in you. Will it be hard? Maybe, but if God believes in you and I believe in you and you believe in you, that’s all that counts. So go – you can do it! 

Have an amazing week and keep living the life God intended for you!


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