God is my strength

Sometimes, as we walk through our daily lives, we find that nothing is going right.  Every little thing seems to be an effort.  We drag ourselves out of bed to go to work, get to work and need a couple of cups of coffee before we can do anything and then drag ourselves home and back to bed.  Is it possible to live a stronger life?  Yes it is!  The circumstances of life can drain our strength but only if we continually look inside ourselves to find that strength.

As Christians, we should be looking to God for our strength each and every day.  God already knows what our day will bring.  He knows the wisdom we need, the knowledge from our brain that needs to be found and the discernment to deal with situations around us.

One of my favourite stories in the Bible that speaks to me in this regard is found in 1 Samuel 30.  David and his men had just been rejected from fighting with the Philistines against Israel so they were feeling pretty down.  They arrived home to find their town burnt down and their possessions and families stolen.  David’s men were so down they wanted to kill him.  Have you ever felt like that?  Your circumstances were so bad, you just wanted to unleash on someone (not kill them in the natural) but get angry and mad at them.

In verse 30, it says that David strengthened himself in the Lord.  The only place that David could find strength was in God.  You see David knew that God saw what happened and only God had the wisdom and the strategy to recover all, which they did after following God’s plan.

In John 10:10, it says that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus came so we would have life and life more abundantly.  Satan will always try to tempt us in some way in order to steal, kill and destroy something or someone from our lives.  But we need to run to Jesus because He came to give us life – to be able to recover all that Satan has stolen, killed and destroyed in our lives and other people’s lives that we touch.

One of the prayers that Gloria Copeland says to pray when you are feeling weak is something like this “that God’s power is in me and His strength abounds”.  It is God’s power working in us that makes us strong – not our own strength.  The Bible further states that the joy of the Lord is our strength.  It is knowing that God is walking with us wherever we go that gives us the strength to keep going.

So this week, ask God to be your strength if you are going through tough times and even if you aren’t, remember its not you but God that gets you through.  Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.






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