Captured but not caught

Just imagine for a moment that you were a rabbit caught in a trap. What would you be feeling? Would it be helplessness, am I going to die here, I have lost my freedom or what’s going to happen next. Often those same thoughts run through our mind when we feel captured by something. That something could be alcohol or drug addiction, pornography, the need to always be right, the need for others approval or the need to keep ladder climbing until we reach that place of happiness – whatever that place may look like. 

What if I told you there was a better way – a way of being captured by something or someone that resulted in you not being caught but being free.  Let’s go back to our story of the rabbit. Before the rabbit was caught in the trap, a big eagle was chasing it for food. Would the trap be a blessing or a curse? What if I then told you someone was hunting for a rabbit to keep as a pet? Would that change the story?

Sometimes, we are running from something much bigger than the trap that has ensnared us. But unlike the rabbit, we have a choice about whether we remain ensnared by the trap or get free. There is a freedom on the outside of the trap and His Name is Jesus. Most times, we think that following Jesus is going to curb our freedom but I have found through experience that the opposite is true. Jesus’ Word sets us free from those things that set out to capture us. We can get rid of those walls, those traps and those chains around our ankles and walk in freedom.

Before we start defining freedom as being able to do whatever we like, when we like, and how we like which is the meaning of freedom, let’s look at what that entails. Being able to speak what we want may end up with us on the end of aggressive behaviour. Being able to do what we want may end with a speeding ticket. Being able to go wherever we want, may end up with a trespassing charge. This is not freedom – this is punishment. So what does freedom mean? The act of being who God created us to be, fulfilling the purposes and plans for our lives and living an abundant life. That sounds like heaven and that’s what it is – bringing heaven’s attributes down to earth through our daily living.

I love the story of Lazarus in John 11. Lazarus had become sick and died. As a result he was laid in a tomb and death had captured or ensnared him. However, that was not the end of His story. Jesus came along and shouted at him to come out. Jesus set him free from the tomb but what happens next is a lesson for us all. Lazarus was still bound to his past – wrapped in grave clothes. It was not Jesus that helped to unravel him from them but man. Jesus sets us free but we need each other to help us unravel those things that still hold us bound. We are captured in Jesus but not caught because even though He has captured our hearts and lives, He has set us free.

This week, who can help you unravel those things in your past that are holding you bound and who can you help? If you aren’t set free at all, it is time to give your life to Jesus so that together you can navigate your journey called life. The way you do this is say that you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins, believe that He did it for you and repent of your sins. It’s that easy! Only a few minutes but it will enable you to be set free inside and start becoming set free on the outside. You can do it! I believe in you! Have an amazing week and keep living the life God intended for you!

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