The change of season

I live in Australia so the change of seasons here is different from the northern hemisphere. My town does not get snow in winter and can probably be likened to autumn in other parts of the world. This year we had a hot summer and not much autumn and then winter has hit. As I was reflecting on the change of season, I realised that in our lives, there is a change of season often. Most times, we put this change down to feeling dry in our walk with God or we feel that circumstances keep surrounding us and we feel isolated and alone.  This is normal and just a change of season. It is not where we live but where we transition through.

 A verse in Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds us of this. It states that for everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. This indicates to me that everything that happens is relating to a different season and there are also seasons of activity. Some of us are aware of this. I have been through seasons of my children being babies, then toddlers, then school age and then teenagers. They are now adults but for every change, it was only for a season and God’s grace was there for every season.

Let’s look briefly at the four seasons of weather and see what we learn.

Spring – what do you think of – sunshine, flowers and newness of life. This is a time in our lives when we can see our prayers being answered and our dreams start to be fulfilled. It is a time of excitement and adventure as seemingly limitless opportunities open up to us. Everything is new and exciting. Maybe you felt like this when you moved to a new church, changed your career or even retired. It was all so exciting!

Summer – what do you think of – lazy days, plenty of sunshine, hot weather and holidays. This equates to a time in our lives when the peace of God is around our lives and we are fulfilling the plan and purpose for our lives in that season. It is a time of rest – we don’t feel like we have to strive. Everything comes easy – much like being a baby Christian. You may have felt like this when all seemed to be going right with your world. Your career was going good, you were on top of your health and you had your finances under control.

Autumn – what do you think – cooler nights, leaves changing colour, trees beginning to die and animals starting to hibernate. This equates to a time when we start feeling a little dry. Maybe some situations have come into your life that have caused you to wonder what’s happened. Things are beginning to fade in your life and your ministry seems like it’s getting tough. You may have felt like this when God was moving you into a new thing or your fire for God is starting to dim a little. Offence and jealousy may have crept into your life.

Winter – what do you think – cold, cosy fire, isolated and dark. This equates to times in our life when God has hidden us for a purpose. It is a time when God wants us to run to Him and not away from Him. It is a time when we need to find ourselves surrounded by God’s presence.

Every change of season is good for us. We can’t live in summer all the time because we would never grow deeper in God. We can’t isolate ourselves in winter or we would never reach the world. Spring is fun but if all we experienced was new life and growth, we would be exhausted. Autumn is pretty but if all we experienced was dryness, it would get overwhelming.

This week think about the season you are in. Look at its good points and only stay there long enough for God to work in and through you. Then move to the next one. As a tree grows through the seasons so do we. Stronger and more like Jesus. Keep living the life God intended for you. Bless you heaps!

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