A view into the promised land 

One of my favourite places to visit is Mary Cairncross Park near Maleny in Queensland, Australia. It is only a short drive from where I live. They have great picnic grounds and a good short bushwalking track. My favourite would have to be the view over the Sunshine Coast. You can see a long way and even out to the ocean. 

God tells us that our promised land is just like that. A place of beauty where we can see a long way into our future. A place where dreams come true and there is an abundance of what we need. Sounds great doesn’t it. Don’t you wish you could stand on the mountain and see the promised land – what God has in store for your life. Do you think your life would be easier and things would be clearer or would you just turn back the way you came?

In Deuteronomy, God took Moses up to show him the promised land. Moses really wanted to see it but because of unbelief he wasn’t allowed to enter in. Moses had dreamed of this place for forty years. He had spoken of it and guided the Israelites towards it. There had been battles and there had been challenges, but it all would be worth it when they reached the promised land. Moses saw the lushness and the greatness of the promised land but he didn’t see or witness the obstacles. You see seeing or even touching the promised land was exciting but there was something else to do now – take the promised land.

How do you take your promised land – the dreams and desires God has placed in your heart. Let me give you a few ways:

1. You must believe in and trust God and keep the vision He has given you in front of you.

2. There will be battles over which you have the victory because greater is He Who lives in you than he who is in the world.

3. You must see through the eyes of faith- seeing abundance and not battles.

4. You must stay close to God in prayer and in His Word.

5. Getting to your promised land is not the end, it is only the beginning.

6. God is a giver of good gifts.

The view of your promised land may look great but it is only the beginning. God has so much more in store for you. He has a life of goodness and abundance set before you but also a place where your faith and trust needs to be strong. Don’t be afraid. As God was with Joshua, so He is with you. He will never leave your nor forsake you. So go take your promised land. You can do it and keep living the life God intended for you.


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