Waiting for your Isaac

Do you ever run ahead of God and wonder what your life is going to bring? You pray and seek God and then the answers seem so far away. You start to wonder have I missed my purpose, my spouse, my calling and a life of abundance. Is there something more? Are the promises from God ever going to come to pass? The answer to all that of these is that whatever you are believing for and hoping for is on its way. How do I know that? Because God created you with purpose and vision in mind. A purpose that only you can fulfill and a vision only you can see. But there is a catch? There has to be because not many of us find it but it is never far away. Let’s look at a story so you can see what I mean.

Abraham and Sarah were married but there was something that was missing from their marriage. That something was a baby.  One day God spoke to Abram (as he was then known) and told him to go on a journey starting now but God didn’t tell him where he was going. Sound familiar! I am sure that most of you are on this same journey. A journey of discovery – the journey of life. The purpose of Abram’s journey was to create a nation. Nations start with one man and one wife and baby.

God then appeared to Abram again and told him that the baby was to be a son, an heir to all that Abram possessed. This time however, the promise came with vision. God told Abram to go and count the stars. That’s how many descendents he would have. Abram believed God. So keep your vision.

The next part of the story shows us what happens when we don’t believe God for the promise He has given us. That could be because time has passed and we think God has forgotten about us or we are counting up our sins and find ourselves not worthy. God always keeps His promises and as long as you and I are breathing those promises still have time to come to pass. What did Abram do? He intervened in Gods promise and had a baby with his wife’s servant. That baby’s name was Ishmael. You dont want an Ishmael in your life. Ishmaels are born out of the will of man and not the promise of God. Ishmaels are not Gods best for us but our best for ourselves. Ishmaels cause us to compromise and lose our way. Stay away from them or if you are caught here, repent and get back on track with God.

God did something else. He changed Abrams name to Abraham. Abraham means the father of many nations. Now others were calling him his future. He was hearing his future constantly said. Be careful what you say and speak only your future.

The last part of the story is Isaacs birth. God always keeps His promises. They come in perfect timing and perfect places. They generally come after character development and a wilderness time. Although your promise may seem out of reach, keep believing and it will come to pass. Make sure your promise has come from God and not your wishes.

This week, read the above story in Genesis. Allow God to reveal to you His promise. Keep holding that promise before God and in your heart until it comes to pass. The God breathed and God ordained life is always an abundant life. Keep going. You can do it. Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you.


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