Hidden words

Hidden words – that’s a strange thing to write. The reason is that most words are not hidden – they are spoken out for all to hear. But the Bible in Psalm 119:11 makes it clear that we need to hide God’s Word in our hearts. For what reason. The verse goes on to say “so that we might not sin against Him”.  Before we delve a little further, let’s look and say what the word “hidden” means.  The Miriam Webster dictionary has a great meaning which is “being out of sight or not readily apparent”. I love the second meaning of the word as it indicates to me there is a reason for something being hidden. The reason is it is not clear why it is hidden, it just is.

Why would we need to hide God’s Word in our heart? Let’s look at some of the places in the Bible where it mentions it.

1.  Psalm 119:105 states that God’s Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. The only reason we need a path is if we are going to walk on it. It is not much use walking on the path without light – either sunlight or a torch. If we do, we might stumble and fall and hurt ourselves in some way. Therefore, we need to hide God’s Word in our heart because it helps us know where to step next on the pathway of life without ending up hurt.

2. Psalm 33:4 tells us that God’s Word is right and true and God is faithful in all He does. This means that I can count on the Word of God to always be right and true. I don’t have to wonder whether the Word will work. I know it will because God is faithful.

3. John 1:1 instructs us that God’s Word became flesh who is Jesus. If I hide the Word in my heart, that means that Jesus is with me and walks with me wherever I go. I need never be afraid or lonely because Jesus is always with me.

4. The last reason is that if I hide the Word in my heart – it is hidden from the devil until we need to use it against him like a sword. Mark 11:23 tells us if we say to the mountain, be removed and cast into the see, it will obey. Where do we get the right words from to speak to the mountain. From the Word of God we have hidden in our heart. So whether it is the devil or a dire circumstance, the Word we have hidden in our heart will only become apparent when we bring it out and wield it by saying it.

If we put God’s Word in our heart, we will be less likely to sin. Why? Because the first thing out of our mouth should not be what comes from the mind but from the heart. If God’s Word is there, that’s what we should be saying.

How do we get it there? By reading and hearing the Word of God. Spend some time today and always, reading your Bible and allowing that Word room to hide in your heart. The next time you are confronted, the Word will already be there for you to wield. Keep living the life God intended for you and have a great week!

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