Jesus- master or husband

I was reading a verse in Hosea 2:16 which states that “When that day comes”, says the Lord, “you will call me ‘my husband’ instead of my master”.  It made me think of how we treat Jesus in our everyday lives. Is He our husband or is He our master? There is a vast difference between the two and once you see it, you will not only treat Jesus differently but you will see how your response causes Jesus to treat you differently. That’s wrong some might say. He loves us uniquely but His Word and Him work for us depending on our views. 

So what is the difference? You just have a think about it too! How does your husband/ wife/ girlfriend  or boyfriend treat you. Is it different from your boss at work?  Of course it is, one respects you and pays for your talents and the other one loves you with (hopefully) an unconditional love. One you have to do stuff for and the other you want to do stuff for. One lavishes gifts on you and the other doesn’t. One has your best interests at heart and the other one has their best interests at heart.

Let’s look for a moment at the prodigal son. He went away from his fathers house and when he came to his senses he wanted to return. But how did he want to return? He wanted to return as one of his dads hired hands. He left a son but wanted to come back as a slave. Why? He thought he was unworthy to become a son again.  His father had different ideas but I wanted you to see the difference.

How then do we see Jesus? Is He your master? Do you live your life trying to obey all the commandments just to reach the masters favour. Are you like the rich young ruler obeying all the commandments but not using your time, talents and treasures for people. Are you following Jesus out of obligation or a desire to just reach heaven. These things are all done in our own strength and grace and favour are pushed aside.

Is Jesus your husband? Do you love Him unconditionally? Is there a relationship there where you know what each is thinking? Are you intimately connected? Is trusting in Jesus faithfully and abiding under the grace and protection He offers part of your life? 

These are good questions to ask ourselves. As for me, I still have a long way to go but I know that each day I allow God to guide and direct me, I am walking and getting closer to Him. Our goal should be husband. Don’t feel condemned if you see yourself in the master category. We are all a work in progress.

This week work on your relationship with Jesus. Allow Him to show you in your quiet time, His grace, favour and love. Spend some time taking a scripture, standing on it and see it come to pass. Increase your faith and trust in Jesus. Your life will never be the same. Have a blessed week!


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