Care factor of God

The care factor of God – have you ever thought about this. Most us us wouldn’t. We can spout off the line that God cares for me. However, if I took a poll of all Christians what would the result be? I think all would answer the care factor of God towards me is 100 percent. If I polled non- Christians the poll would probably range from zero to maybe 50 percent. Why am I asking this? I believe, and me included, that although we can spout off the line, our actions show we don’t really act like it’s true.

Picture this scenario. You wake up and it’s a great morning – one full of sunshine. You get out of bed to find that the power is off – no cup of coffee. You get into the car and drive to the train station. The train is so crowded you can’t get a seat. You get to work and find the boss has called an urgent meeting and the result is that your workload will increase. You get home and find you haven’t thawed out the meat – that’s what no coffee in the morning does. You finally eat tea and want to crawl into bed and someone rings that wants to tell you all their troubles. You eventually get to bed and lie there thinking where was God today and did He really care. Of course He does but we only feel the care of God in our reaction to circumstances. Do we run to Him or do it all on our own? I have been guilty many times of this.

There is a story in the Bible in John 21 where the disciples thought the care factor of Jesus was nil. Jesus had just died on the cross and looked like He had left them all alone. Did they carry on with the same ministry that they had been operating in for 3 years with Jesus. No! They decided God didn’t care about them anymore. Jesus was gone, their calling was gone and their source of income was gone. So they went back to their own way of providing for themselves by doing what they knew best. They went fishing! 

God wasn’t going to leave them there and He won’t leave us there either. Jesus showed up on the beach and cooked a meal for the disciples. He then proceeded to restore Peter to his rightful place and then spoke to them all.

Some of us might have backslidden from God but He never backslides from us. Some of us may have given up the calling of God on our lives and because it’s not working the way we think it should, have deemed that God doesn’t care. Of course this is absurd. God does care about all of mankind because He created us and sent Jesus to die for us and rise again that we might choose life in God. God cares for us all so deeply but sometimes He is waiting on us to show Him how much we care about Him.

This week, think about your score on the care factor of God. Make adjustments where needed because the care factor of God towards you is always 100 percent. The question is what’s your care factor towards God. Start walking towards God and He will draw near to you. Be blessed and keep living the abundant life God came to give you.

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