Blessing – do you want it

Blessing – do you want it is a very strange thing to ask. Of course, you say – everyone wants to be blessed, but do they? Before, we decide that question for ourselves, let’s look at the meaning of blessing. In the Webster dictionary, it means a thing conducive to happiness or welfare. I like that meaning because when we usually think of blessing, we think financial. But what if you had heaps of money and were living with cancer. Are you blessed? What about if you had heaps of money and good health and were lonely? Are you blessed? Blessing is something that leads to happiness, contentment and fulfilment in all areas of our life. So the question is, do you want it?

In the Bible, in Deuteronomy 28, God lists all of the blessings if we obey Him and all of the curses if we don’t. In Deuteronomy 30:19, God asks the Israelites to make a choice between life and death and blessing and curses. It should be an easy answer – we choose life and blessing. But the answer seems easy but is not. We receive blessings when we obey God and all His commandments and principles. Most of us don’t want to obey all of them because there is still a “me” mindset in all of us.

What is a “me” mindset? It is a mindset like the one Adam had when he ate the fruit. It was one where we want to be free to be our own god over certain situations in our life. Humans want to be independent but with independence comes consequences for our own decisions. As children, we couldn’t wait to be independent. To be out from under the influence of our parents and our teachers. We had in our minds that it was going to be fun to be an adult and not answer to anyone. However, that mindset has come with severe consequences. No matter where we go or what we do, we are still subject to laws and regulations. We can’t just go out and steal or we face the consequence of jail. We can’t speed whilst driving or we face the consequence of a heavy fine and loss of points or the privilege of having a licence. Laws and regulations keep us safe and disciplined. So why do we have a hard time accepting Jesus and living according to His ways. Wouldn’t it be good to live a life of abundance all the time?

Yes it would but we have to let go of our mindsets by renewing our mind to God’s way. We have to surrender our lives to Jesus knowing that life with Jesus in control is so much better. Then we have to ask for forgiveness if we disobey God. This sounds hard. Yes, it does but it is easier than living under a curse. Jesus gives us tools to help us too. He gives us His grace, His mercy and the Holy Spirit to help us walk our lives in blessing.

So if you haven’t made the change, make it today. What do you have to lose? Only your dependence on yourself. What do you have to gain? Living in the blessing and favour of God. I know which one I choose. I choose life because I want to live my life the way that God intended- an abundant life full of blessing and overflow!


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