Coming off a high

As Christians, some of us believe that our walk with God is all rosy and good. Life as a Christian is meant to be easy because God should line everything up so we never have any more trouble or heartache in our life. Life was not meant to be lived that way. Life as a Christian is meant to be lived through faith and complete trust in God and in His Word. So what happens, when we have been on the mountaintop and now it appears as if we are looking at the mountaintop from a long way down or can’t see it at all. Glad you asked! The story in the Bible that represents this so clearly is the story of Elijah. Let’s consider some aspects of it.

The first time we meet Elijah, he is prophesying that there would be no rain in Israel for about three years. Then God whisks him away and hides him in a foreign country all that time. That is how Elijah thought God was always going to act. He would put Elijah in the spotlight then whisk him away to protect and feed him.

However, the next time that wasn’t the case. The next time was when Elijah came back and informed the King of Israel that there was going to be a contest. One that would show whose God was real – theirs or God Almighty. Elijah was gracious and let them prove the point first. He started to mock them when their god didn’t show up. At the proper time – the time of the evening sacrifice – the time later on that Jesus would die on the cross is when it was time for Elijah to prove that His God was the only God. He did this in spectacular fashion in 1 Kings 17 and proved that his God was the One that should be worshipped. Elijah then proceeded to kill the prophets of Baal. After Elijah prayed the rains came.

But what happened next? Elijah was now on a high. He had proved his God was God. His trust level in God should have been at an all time high. But it wasn’t? When Queen Jezebel threatened to kill him, he ran. God didn’t come through for him in the same way as before and He won’t for us either.

Our trust level in God should be the same in the valley or on the mountain. When God spoke to Elijah, after he had run away, He didn’t listen to his excuses but rather gave him his next task. In the valley is where God reveals Himself to us the most. It is the time when we generally seek Him wholeheartedly. As we do that, He prepares us for the next step and then instructs us to go.

Coming off a high needn’t be a bad thing but a time of redirection, refocus and strengthening your relationship with God. It is a time to prepare for the next level and the next assignment- a time of hiding away for a season. If you find yourself here, don’t fret, just trust. The mountaintop is waiting again. Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

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