Minimalism God’s way

If you are into organising your house and love to read other people’s ideas and blogs, then you may know that minimalism is a big catch cry in the organising world at the moment. Minimalism is really getting rid of the clutter out of your house so you can easily organise and clean what you have left. I am a big believer in it to an extent as I don’t believe in getting rid of everything but to simplify my life to enable me to concentrate on the important things. 

For a Christian, the important things for me are my relationship with God, my relationship with my husband, my relationship with my children then my extended family, my work life, my church activities (what God has called me individually to do) and then the rest. You may have different priorities than me and that is okay because it is your life. What don’t I see on my list? I don’t see the housework, the shopping and the continual tidying up. I know these things are important but they are not my priority. If they are not my priority, how can I do them and the other things as well without getting stressed out and bothered. Jesus came to give us peace but there doesn’t seem much of it around when I am busy doing all the stuff. Maybe you feel the same way too!

Glad you asked. That is where minimalism for me comes into play. The Bible says in Hebrews 12:1 (in part) let us strip off every weight that slows us down. Slows us down from what. From fulfilling the call and purpose of God on our lives. From implementing the two commandments of Jesus in our lives which are love God and love others. If I am too busy caring for my home, that I neglect others, that is not good. This is one thing God has been laying in my heart. The less I keep in my house, the less I have to keep clean and organised.

What about my activities? If they are not loving God and loving others, are they wotth it? Only you can answer that. You may play sport or go to a craft club and if you are impacting others lives for Jesus that is worth it.

So this week, pray and ask God to reveal to you where you life and maybe you house and activities could be simplified. Then go and do it and keep going towards the life God intended for you to live. 


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